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Glucoerucin potassium

Bioactivity Glucoerucin potassium is a 4-methylthiobutylglucosinolate that can be found in seeds of Eruca sativa Mill[1].
Name Glucoerucin potassium
CAS 15592-37-7
Formula C12H22KNO9S3
Molar Mass 459.60
Transport Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere.

Please store the product under the recommended conditions in the Certificate of Analysis.

Reference [1]. Gmelin R, et al. Isolierung von 4-Methylthiobutylglucosinolat (Glucoerucin) aus Samen von Eruca sativa Mill [Isolation of 4-methylthiobutylglucosinolate (glucoerucin) from seeds of Eruca sativa Mill]. Arch Pharm Ber Dtsch Pharm Ges. 1970 Apr;303(4):330-4.

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